Florence Design Tours

Florence design sourcing tours, devised to open up the Italian market to professionals and non-professionals alike. Learn about Florentine artisan craftsmen, established as well as upcoming suppliers and designers. This is a comprehensive tour for those interested in increasing their knowledge, meeting new suppliers and expanding their contact base in the Florentine market.

Florence invites you to further explore the market of Italian craftsmen: how one such company is preserving and protecting Florentine craft traditions. Observe the juxtaposition of modern and Renaissance come together in Boutique Hotels.

Bespoke Florence Design Tours

 A personalised tour of Florence's Interior Design Culture. Based on your own style and interest preferences, you will get a chance to tour points of interest in in the city, surrounding areas and more.

These Design Tours are created to your brief and can last from a half-day to 3 days. You will be personally guided by me, and your level of knowledge and experience is taken into account. Whether you are new and trying to get a foothold in the industry or an experienced Specifier looking for new inspiration, the Design Tour will be unique to you or your group.

Tours are created to inspire you, extend your network and help you to find previously unknown local resources, designers, vendors or suppliers in the interior design industry.

Design Tours can accommodate parties of up to 8 people and will based entirely on your interests, time and budget. Half-day experiences begin from £249 per person and personalised itinerary is provided upon deposit. 

Whether you are a student, professional or enthusiast, the Florence Interior Design Tour will open your eyes to new inspirations. Based on interests, time and budget, a personalised tour will be planned and created for you. Simply state your dates, budget and style interests and let Interior Statements take care of the rest. 

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