European Interior Design Tours

European Interior Design sourcing tours devised to open up the markets between the UK and Italy. The tours range from 2-5 days and will be chaperoned by me.
The tours are aimed at professional and non-professionals alike, for those interested in increasing their knowledge, meeting new suppliers and expanding their contact base in the European market.

This is a personalised tour service aimed at professional, semi-professional and enthusiast Interior Designers or Design Specifiers. Half-day experiences begin at £199 per person and personal interests, styles and preferences are taken into account when designing the itinerary to suit you. 

Learn more about tours that would suit you or your party and what you might expect.

I’m a practicing interior designer with 25 years of experience sourcing for homes, developments & hotels. I work with fine artists, skilled craftsmen and distinctive materials in order to produce exquisite and custom-made solutions.

Using my knowledge, experience and network of contacts, I have created a tour service aimed at professional/semi-professional Interior Designers, Design Specifiers and Property Developers. 

I currently run tours in London, Milan, Florence and Como but can also adapt to the region or city that you are most interested in.

Inspiring, unique and personalised Design Tours that are organised to your brief. These tours are focused on connecting you with local suppliers, craftsmen and vendors based on your personal interests and preferences. 

The aim is to expand your knowledge on local product, suppliers and vendors.

The tour can include visits to boutique hotels, artisan workshops or suppliers producing the latest contemporary furniture, lighting and fixtures. 

Each Design Tour is tailored to be a unique experience based on your schedule, interests and requirements.

Along the way, we will take lunch or dinner at historic restaurants, cafes and trattori, whilst enjoying the scenery and architecture that gives the city or town its unique character. 

Try delicious local produce, wines, cheeses and delicacies to echo the culture & region.

The purpose of the tour is to connect you to new sources of design materials and craftmanship.

Sourcing can be regional using local materials, craftsmen and trades, or national suppliers who import materials from other parts of Europe. The aim is to connect you with the company, marble yard, supplier or craftsman that will suit your current or future projects.

A London design sourcing tour, devised to open up the UK market to professionals and non-professionals alike. Learn about British artisan craftsmen, established as well as upcoming suppliers and designers.

This is a comprehensive tour for those interested in increasing their knowledge, meeting new suppliers and expanding their contact base in the UK market.

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Interior Design Tours, set in the heart of Milan, in order to open up the Italian market to professionals and non-professionals alike.

You will gain an understanding of the region, meet local Italian craftsmen and expand your supplier repertoire. 

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Breathtaking backdrops and landscapes accompany tours to local textile showrooms, workshops and private suppliers in the Como Region.

A perfect excursion for holiday makers with interests in property or design.

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An Interior Design Tour held in the heart of Florence.

It is known as the ‘cradle of the Renaissance' and once described as "the Empire State Building of the 15th century—the high point of modernity.

Today, it is undergoing it's own renaissance as it breathes in new modernity amidst it’s historical splendour.  

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